Vibr Elora v1.0 DIY FDM 3D Printer


Premium Features

  • Pause, Resume, Stop
  • Body Lights



Easy to Assemble

The complete 3D printer comes only in 3 major parts, that makes it very convenient for the user to assemble it in less time. The complete package includes a manual guide that saves the user time and affords.


Most part of the printer body is made up of Aluminium. Because of an Aluminium body, the Printer is robust and lightweight which makes it portable and users can carry wherever they want. 

Simple and Open Design Structure

It has a very simple and open structure that a user can disassemble and reassemble anytime. A user can easily clean the machine, remove and replace the parts according to need.

Pause, Resume and Stop Feature

Users can pause anytime in between the printing process and also can resume. The printer also has a feature to stop so the user can abort the printing anytime if anything is going wrong. 

Filament Cleaning System to Save Extruder from Clogging Problems

Extruder clogging a very common problem as the dust particles which get attached to the filament can clog the extruder and the user will get an uneven print. To solve this problem, we use a mechanism that automatically cleans the filament before feeding it into the extruder.

Bowden Tube Drive

Bowden tube drive helps to give smooth and fast printing by reducing the jerks while movement. 

Auto Bed Leveling

The auto bed leveling mechanism saves user time to a level bed. This 3D printer uses a highly precise and accurate inductive sensor to level the bed automatically. It also helps to achieve an excellent print quality. 

Heated Bed

This 3D printer Includes a heated bed module which makes the cooling process of 3D printed material more controlled. The user does not need to use any additional adhesive to hold the printed job on the bed. The heated bed also prevents the problem like uneven and early cooling and helps to get less waste and more precise printing. 

LCD Control Support with Only One Button to Control the Printer

Users can directly control the printer through LCD and the printer has only one button to control that makes it simple to use. This mechanism prevents the need to hook up with the computer every time to give any command or print. 

Both USB and SD card support

The printer supports both USB and card. So it allows the user to give print by either Computer or memory card.

Body lights

The printer body has its own light. In dark or night, it is visible and does not require any other light. It minimizes the wastage and breakage because of not being visible in dark 



Printing TechnologyFFF/FDM
Printer TypeCartesian
Heated BedYes
Build Volume150*150*150mm
Printing MaterialPLA, PETG
Filament Diameter1.75
Nozzle Diameter0.2, 0.3, 0.4mm
Printing Temp. for Nozzle40-250 C
Frame and Body typeAluminium and Plastic
No of Extruder1
Product Dimensions300*300*300 mm
Product Weight6 kg
Software CompatibilityCura, Simplify3D, Slic3r
3D Model File TypeSTL, OBJ, 3MF
Operating SystemWindows 7/8/10 Mac OS X
Control InterfaceUSB, SD Card, LCD
AC INPUT110/220 volts
Power Consumption50 watts

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